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Dolphins continue to look at top quarterbacks

The Dolphins have a starting quarterback they’ve expressed confidence in, and they pick 11th overall, so you wouldn’t think they’d be active in the quarterback market.

But they’re checking off all the boxes of teams that are, which suggests that at least one of those factors is at least only partially true.

Via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins are bringing quarterbacks Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen in this week for visits.

Considering that the consensus is that the top four quarterbacks (those two, plus Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen) figure to be off the board before 11, it’s solid preparation and an interesting strategy, if not just gamesmanship. The Jets figure to take one of them (and the Bills really want to, despite sitting at 12 at the moment), and that would at least give the Dolphins a peek inside the head of a future division rival.

I think he is there, Wizards coach Scott Brooks said of Wall’s speed. … When you miss nine weeks of the season, late in the season and come in and out of the lineup in the last six or seven games, it is not ideal, but he fights through it and doesn’t make excuses. Not a lot of guys could have done what he has been able to do. There’s probably some rust that still needs to be taken off, but overall, some of his turnovers, I know that those are things that he will be able to clean up and get better as the series goes on.

Beckham showed up this week for offseason workouts. The time is right to work something out. If it doesn’t happen before OTAs or training camp, Beckham could boycott. Even if he shows up for the start of the regular season, acrimony will linger until the Giants pay him, or until they trade him to a team who will.

Some may think that Beckham’s desire to be paid as the kind of character flaw for which he needs mentoring, under the not-so-subtle threat of being publicly called out if he resists. Others may think that Beckham deserves to get paid, and that he should do whatever he has to do to get paid. (Some may think both.)

Regardless, the Giants deliberately let the trade cat out of the bag. While they may now be trying to herd said cat in order to get Beckham focused on a potential long-term deal, until that long-term deal is done a trade necessarily remains on the table.

Adam Warren and Chasen Shreve struggled, but Dellin Betances finished the five-hitter for the Yankees.

Smith, who pitched in nine games for the Yankees last year, allowed his first three batters to reach, needed 42 pitches to get the first three outs and lasted just 2 1/3 innings and 84 pitches. He allowed five runs, five hits and five walks. Tyler Cloyd gave up six runs and eight hits in 3 2/3 innings, and Miami threw 217 pitches in eight innings.

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